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My Favorite Source Component

If the first goal of high fidelity is enjoyment of music, playing an instrument seems foremost.

I began this journey in 1984.  Having been told to stop playing the piano and get a job, I took my mother's steel-string to the bedroom and worked with a book to learn to play with a pick.  After doing this a while, I knocked out four teeth in an auto accident about April 1985.  Then the inability to sing made flat picking a bore.

front-x640.jpgPerhaps the seed had been planted earlier.  When I was about eight, dad invited a coworker to visit.  When he came, he brought a handmade Spanish guitar and played some for us.  Later when I was 19,  a friend persuaded me of the virtues of classical guitars.  After the accident when a visit to the mall took me to a music store I saw for sale two classical guitar methods:  a Carcassi method book for $5 and an antique one for $1.50.  Lacking for cash, I bought an antique book copyrighted 1901 and began my quest to learn Spanish guitar on the acoustic guitar I had at hand.  After learning the basics, I lost interest in the antique book because it had too many waltzes and polkas and did not seem headed for the Spanish music promised.  In place of the book, I started to improvise.  By 1990, I had become skilled in improvisation to where I played several songs of my own composition.

In September of 1994, amid much personal turmoil, I went to the local music store and purchase the first guitar of my own a Yamaha classical and began improvising again.  I continued in this way until a stunt by adversaries in 1996 caused me to stop playing for a long time.1

About a year after moving away, I felt free to play again.  At first, I only allowed 15 minutes a day of improvisation because I had a book to write as well.  When time allowed I began to practice Classical guitar more diligently from a better method book I had put away for future use.

Eventually I took my guitar to the garage to make a bone saddle to replace its plastic one.  Whether the improved sound was worth the renewed feeling that I had to give up my guitar is anybody's guess.  I deduced that I had come into view of someone's espionage.  Therefore when it came time to apply golpeadors (Flamenco tap plates) and eventually a new bone nut all had to proceed much more secretly.

1See related article Orbit.

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