Privacy Policy

The code that I write for this website is plain html.  Being a passive text format it does not use cookies or in any way invade your privacy.  Executable programs that I provide for download only do electronics and engineering calculations and also pose no invasion of privacy.  As stated on my contact page, if you email me I will not identify you on my website.  I will not do so to any third party unless the communication is criminal in some way.  Any exception will be by your permission.

Now that Google Ads appear on this website, the following will also apply:

If you see ads on this site that offend you.

It is my intention that you only see family friendly content on my website where possible.  In addition Google AdWord policies are supposed to prevent profane or offensive ads.  However in practice you still may see ads of which you do not approve.  Usually, this means that you have picked up cookies that draw offensive ads from websites you have visited.  Websites giving out these cookies may even seem tame to you.

In Firefox you may try to resolve ad issues by doing the following:

If there is no long term resolution, go back to the Privacy preferences do each of the following steps and watch the pattern of ads to see if offending ads go away.

Windows browsers may allow similar privacy options.

As an alternative you may try the Ads Settings page as above to turn off targeted advertising.

I have seen offensive ads on reputable web sites a few times that seemed hacked and would not go away.  These cases may be a police matter.