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America's most censored book is here!


Unseen Enemy

An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America

Authored by Stegall

A chance encounter with persons associated with espionage activities make me a target of ongoing covert operations. In the course of doing so, my adversaries stir a maelstrom of trouble seemingly significant to the course of prophecy and to the future of the nation.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  Very strange!

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Americaís most censored book is here

A prayer to God to serve him begins a series of visions and revelations.  Unknown to me, dark forces target me after I have a chance encounter with persons connected to espionage activities.  Presumably provoked by the report of my visionary religious experience, they spread slander to end my ministry opportunities.  By another twist of fate, the same company who set the dark forces against me employs me as a technician.  Because of meddlesome spying, they set in motion events betraying their espionage to me.  The dark forces then use diabolical devices against my mind to silence any attempts to report their activities.  They torture me with their devices for two years until I recover by prayer.  When I speak to my grandmother of the possibility of suing, they decide to put an end to me altogether.  They execute a carefully crafted plot by means of witchcraft, but it does not finish me off as they planned.  As a result, they cause great damage to my community and fulfill a revelation given during my call.  While I suffer persecution under their brutish efforts to cover up and contain the consequences of their crimes, I begin to reason and deduce some of what had happened.  The occasion of my sanctification experience in 1996 turns the course of events back to my favor.  As I contend with Godís help to come back from the hard place my enemies had put me in, I deduce the remainder of the mystery and accumulate testimony sufficient for a compelling book. Along the way, unusual events and twists captivate and drive the reader.  The book answers many of the readersí questions about what has been going on in America, who is behind it, what are their motives and devices.

I began writing this book to document my experience of persecution, then realized that I had a story others would want to read.  I have written a unique book with broad appeal.  Those who care about America and her future will certainly want to read it.