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Your True Tales
May 2006
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Velociraptor in Utah
by Gazza

I was searching the web to find answers of what I saw one time in Utah on one of my holidays. (It's summer vacation in America; I'm from Northern Ireland.) What I saw was so terrifying that I nearly fainted. I was 11 at the time (12 now) and was climbing one of the mountains in Utah. I was near the top when I found a cave. I told my family to wait up. I went in the cave with my mule, Mario, when I found eggs. These where no ordinary eggs – about four times bigger than any chicken egg. So being a kid I picked them up, wondering what they where!

When I got out of the cave, I heard a screeching noise, like screeching tires. I looked up the mountain and saw my family waiting for me. Suddenly they broke into a sprint and jumped, almost suicidal, off one of the cliffs, but landing in a meadow. I wondered, was this some kind of game? I turned around and saw Mario (my mule) run out of the cave. Then out of the darkness some kind of creature jumped on him, pulled out a huge claw and burst Mario's stomach, like a pin to a balloon.

I suddenly realized it was a raptor from one of those Jurassic Park movies! As I watched it devour my beloved mule, I only did what an ordinary 11 year old would do: scream and run. As I was about to run, it caught a glimpse of me, left the remains of Mario and went for me. I did what my family did: jumped. I remember looking up and seeing it looking over the edge. On the way down I hit my head on a rock and was knocked out.

I remember waking up in the hospital two weeks later. I was told by the doctor I was in a coma. When I got home (still shaken up by the horrible event) I told my friends, but none of them would listen. I think something was watching over me that day. I should've been killed. How else would I survive being attacked by a velociraptor?

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