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GPS ImpantThe worlds First Implantable GPS Tracker

  • Deployed Globally by Government Agencies and Contractors
  • True Real Time Tracking
  • Easily Track and Manage 1 to 100’s of deployments

The Bio-Trac GPS Tracker is so small it can be easily implanted under the skin quickly and easily with our included pain free light implant gun. For short term use the rice sized tracker can be swallowed like a pill and will stay in your system for up to 72 hours. Implant or swallow this tiny tracker and you or the trackee can be located anyplace on the planet. (Accurate to 5 feet even in buildings)

Login to our secure service
(256 bit encryption & biometric hardware required)

  • 24/7/365 Hour monitoring
  • View Maps, Photos and Video on your Computer or Mobile Device
  • View Live satellite video showing exact location and situation over our secure network
  • 2 way Panic Button with vibration mode for under skin alert


  • 1 Bio-Track micro tracker
  • 1 Injector Gun (light) - Heavy Duty Gun requires license
  • Annual service and support contract

Emergency Recovery Service (optional):

  • Military Trained Hostage rescue Team ready to dispatch from 24 global locations
  • Cost per recovery will vary biased on the time and staff required.



Over 40 years of research and development by Germany’s Voss-Mauser has yielded a device no larger than a grain of rice that will allow accurate people tracking, animals tracking, vehicles were tracked during the beta phase on every corner of the planet.

Lightning GPS has acquired the exclusive distribution contract for North America for the the Bio-Trac, the only tracking unit that is implantable on a living subject. For the past 2 years access to the Bio-Trac has been restricted to government agencies and contractors with the highest level security clearance such as Halliburton and Blackwater, but current negotiations are underway to distribute the product to corporate and local law enforcement through our channel partner BrickHouse Security. Please contact them directly if you are not part of the military.

Live Tracking Training and Deployment

Tracking the subject is simply done over a secure website that is logged onto by the users of the Bio-Track Tracking System which has been developed by the Voss-Mauser research and development group. Clients will be trained on how to implant and deploy the Bio-Track, and will be extensively trained on the web-based software and how to design the system to work for them to best suit their individual applications.

Unlimited Power

Now with nano-technology, and the development of bio-electrics, the Voss-Mauser research and development group has created a device that will power itself utilizing the bio-electric energy created by the host of the tracker, whether it is a human or animal. Since all living organisms utilize electricity to communicate information from their nerve cells the Bio-Track safely taps into this unlimited energy source to power its powerful micro-processors and on-board communication cells.
One question that arises time again:
"What are the affects on say for example a person who has been implanted with this device? Will the device then drain all my bio-electric energy?"
The human battery may run down, but nourishment recharges human body. As a result, wearers of the Bio-Track should not worry about their batteries running low, or even running out, the human body is a never-ending power supply for the Bio-Track, as long as the person or animal implanted with the Bio-Track is eating and drinking normally, the Bio-Track will give out its signal for the lifespan of the bearer.
When implanted in a living being the Bio-Track can provide the following data to the servers such as; exact GPS Satellite Location accurate to within 5 feet, even indoors; and basic medical readings such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory functions will be automatically sent to the data servers.

Future Research & Development

Bio-Track takes the GPS Tracking technology one step further with advanced visual and audio monitoring features due to be released in the upcoming trial phase Q2 2008. Through integrated Bio-Sensors which intelligently adhere to the nerve endings in key areas of the body, the Bio-Track can see and hear what the subject is sensing. Although this is still in alpha testing, Voss-Mauser assures 94% success rate in all their test subjects. Lightning GPS has been actively pursuing the new Bio-Sensor technology to further enhance the products abilities as demand grows within the government community.
How it works
The patented technology developed my Voss-Mauser research and development group enables the device to pick up electrical impulses from the optic nerve and the inner ear and transfer them into data that is then translated by the servers into audible sound, and video images to be viewed by the individuals conducting the tracking from anywhere in the world.
Battle Tested & Approved To Work In Active War Zones Across the Globe

Implantation Procedures

Once a purchase of the Bio-Track and the Bio-Trac Online Tracking System has been made, clients who do not purchase the implant gun may choose to have the implant performed at a Lightning GPS authorized channel partner closest to their location.

  • The first is a simple implantation of the device in the neck of the subject. This is done with minor discomfort with the injector gun that is provided with the Bio-Track starter kit. This can be done at home or the office, and is similar to the sensation of an air-powered inoculation gun. A small bandage must be worn for approximately one week in order for the entry point to heal over properly with minimal scaring. Once the device enters the body, the system is on-line and ready to track.
  • A second form of deployment in a human or animal subject is more temporary, and is designed for short term covert tracking of a subject. This is simply done by allowing the Bio-Track to be ingested by the subject to be tracked. This can be simply done by placing the device in the food of the subject. This form of tracking will allow for accurate GPS tracking of the subject, but does not guarantee the gather of medical data, or the ability to hear and see what the subject is sensing. As the Bio-Track in human and animal subjects deploys a series of microscopic tendrils for gather energy and data, this allow for the Bio-Track to lock onto the subjects digestive system temporarily. Whereas the neck implantation is essentially permanent, the ingested form of tracking will generally yield accurate data from the subject for anywhere up to three to four weeks before it is ejected painlessly from the subject’s body.

Panic Button
The Bio-Track panic button feature may be triggered in one of two ways.

  • First a special phone number and PIN number is assigned for the device, and once it is entered into their cell phone by the bearer, and emergency satellite signal is beamed out of the Bio-Track alerting search and rescue teams and police authorities around the planet, directing them to an area within five feet of where the person in distress is.
  • The second way the emergency beacon can be triggered is through the use of a keychain worn device. Once the power seal is broken on the keychain, press the button within proximity of the implant. An emergency beacon will be sent from Lightning GPS alerting local authorities as to the whereabouts of the implanted user in a matter of seconds.
  • The two way alert can also be sent from the system to the client activating a vibrate mode in the device that will feel like a slight tickle under the skin. This can be user to alert a subject of danger without arousing suspicion.